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  • Tap Handle Insert - Screw In, Yeast, Brewing Malt

    Tap Handle Insert - Screw In

    Create a taphandle of your very own and mount it with this easy to use threaded insert. Simply drill a 1/2" hole in the bottom of your wooden piece and thread the D1299 with a 3/8", 16 thread-per-inch bolt with a nut attatched (a coin can also be used)...

  • Taprite Sanke Beer Tap (D-style), Yeast, Brewing Malt

    Taprite Sanke Beer Tap (D-style)

    D-Style sanke keg beer tap. The most frequently used keg coupler in America for draft beer dispensing. Comes with pressure relief valve. High quality construction to stand up to the rigors of commercial dispensing. Made in America by Taprite.

27 of 27 Items